Next Generation SMS Skimmer Found On Gas Pump In NY

Last month, the first SMS skimmer was found on a gas pump in New York.  Criminals are always looking to implement the newest technology in their endeavors and the jump from bluetooth and SMS has finally been made.

Bluetooth skimmers are convenient for criminals since they only need to open the gas pump once and can simply pair the skimmer with their device later to download the stolen credit and debit card numbers.  SMS skimmers make things even easier for the criminals by using a SIM card and phone internals to send a text message to the crook the instant a card number is stolen.

Gas station owners are urged to have their pumps inspected three times per day but even if an employee spots the skimmer, there is an eight hour window where it was stealing and sending numbers to the criminal between inspections.  If a skimmer is able to steal a single credit or debit card number, whatever security measures and policies the gas station is currently using is not sufficient.

Gas station owners, managers and employees need to be alerted the moment one of their pumps are opened to ensure the pump is inspected and the skimmer is removed before it can steal a single credit or debit card number.  That's what the Gas Pump Sentry system does 24/7 - 365.

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