Orange County Sheriff & Commissioner Putnam Hold Press Conference On Gas Station Skimming

On July 12, Orange County's Sheriff Demings and Florida's Department of Agriculture Commissioner Putnam held a press conference regarding the identity theft epidemic of gas station skimming.  Commissioner Putnam stated that since the beginning of 2017, his inspectors have found 285 skimmers attached to gas pumps across the state.  Sadly, this number does not reflect the true extent of the problem since gas pumps are only inspected once every 12-16 months by the state agency.

People paying at the pump were urged to check to make sure the security tape on the pump is intact before inserting your card but the Department of Agriculture admits that they have found skimmers on pumps with security tape fully intact, on pumps with torn security tape and on pumps without security tape.  What does this mean?  Security tape is not an effective solution to this crime.  Law enforcement and the Department of Agriculture have no way to put a lid on this crime but Gas Pump Sentry will fix that and make gas station skimming an obsolete criminal tactic.

One of the biggest problems with skimmers on gas pumps is it's impossible to determine how long the skimmer has been on the pump and how many numbers where downloaded by the criminal before the skimmer was detected.  This is due to many skimmers being used today have bluetooth which enables the criminal to download the stolen credit/debit card numbers without opening the pump a second time.  They install the skimmer and come back in an hour, a day or a week and can download the numbers from up to 300 feet away - so an inspector or employee finding a skimmer does not mean people that paid at that pump are safe.

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